Swivel Hinge Rails: 400mm / 60% Overlap

Swivel Hinge Rails: 400mm / 60% Overlap

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Swivel hinge curtain rails are designed for heavy-duty strip curtain use. We believe they’re the UK’s toughest curtain rail system. This spec set up is recommended for curtains up to 4.5m. Highly recommended for openings where there is heavy use by forklifts and other vehicles. PVC strips are bolted in for max strength.  Indicated strip numbers for information only. Not supplied with rail. Made to order. Please allow 2-3 working days for supply. ALL SIZES NOMINAL

The swivel hinge rail system is unique to Redwood. The robust design reduces risk of damage or excessive wear and tear. Over the lifetime of a curtain this can dramatically reduce repair costs compared to other weaker curtain rail formats. It’s ideal for hard working loading bays and industrial areas. Rails are made to order to cover any size of span and come fully assembled ready to hang. Choose between face or soffit fit mounting brackets. Once in place, the rails take PVC strips punched or drilled with mounting holes to match the rail set-up. The strips slot into the centre of the wrap-around swivel hinges and are securely bolted in place with M8 nuts and bolts (supplied free). 

Note: The rails are not self-supporting. They need mounting onto a structurally supporting surface like a beam, door frame or lintel across the whole span.

Available in: Range of stepped width increments based on number of PVC strips hinge with 56% overlap.

This set up take 300mm strips only – in a range of spec options to suit all uses and locations. Suitable for curtains up to 4.5m high.

Note: All dimensions nominal. Subject to original manufacturer’s standard tolerances.

Key Details:

Hanging Format: Swivel Hinge

Rail Size: Made to order based on stepped width increments

Material: 1” Galvanised M/W Tube (BS1387), galvanised steel shell hinges, UPVC spacers

PVC Strip Size: 300mm

Strip Overlap: 56%

Fixing Brackets Options: R1 (face fitting), R2 (soffit fitting), R3 (90° stand-off)

Fixings: M8 nuts and bolts are supplied to attach PVC strips to the rail’s swivel hinges. But fixings for attaching the rails mounting brackets to your fitting surface are NOT. These need to be supplied by installer and be suitable for fitting surface.

Recommended Traffic: Heavy duty pallet truck and forklift.

Recommended Environments:  Commercial & Industrial

Longevity: This product’s lifespan will be dictated by where it’s used, what type of traffic might move through it and how carefully (or aggressively) such traffic does so. This is beyond any manufacturer’s or suppliers control. Used appropriately, the product should last for many years.

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