Car Sound Deadening Starter Set To Absorb Noise And Backwaves

Car Sound Deadening Starter Set To Absorb Noise And Backwaves

Car Sound Deadening Starter Set To Absorb Noise And Backwaves

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Car Sound Deadening Starter Set To Absorb Noise And Backwaves

Sound Deadening Starter Set - 4 sheets of Sound Deadening sound deadening, a panel of Isolator 4 and a panel of Sound Absorber. 

This pack is a cost effective introduction to the Sound Deadening range and is also perfect for treating the critical areas around your car doors and speakers for a superb upgrade.

The Sound Deadening 2mm Damping Mat uses constrained layer damping to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, converting them into low level heat. 

Apply to the interior metalwork and stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise and dramatically improve the sound of your car interior.

The Sound Absorber 15 is a polyurethane foam material with a special formulation to achieve superb sound absorption and flexibility. 
Use behind the door cards to absorb unwanted noise and backwaves. 
The 'egg box' form on the surface absorbs 30-40% more sound than plain material.

The Sound Deadening Noise Isolator 4 is a noise and thermal isolation material made using special closed structure foam technology. Use on the speaker baffle and door panel to create a rattle free airtight seal to the door card.

Set Includes:
4 x Sheets of Sound Deadening Deadening (37cm x 25cm each)
1 x Absorber 15 panel (37cm x 25cm)
1 x Isolator 4 panel (37cm x 25cm)

Sound Deadening Deadening
2mm Thickness
Butyl Construction
Mastic High Adhesive
0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel
Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
Sheet size 375 x 250 mm
4 Sheets Supplied
Coverage 0.4sq.m (4.3sq.ft)
Weight 3kg/sq.m

Isolator 4:
4mm Thickness
Absorbs airborne noise
Seals Panels
Water resistant
Includes Adhesive layer
For speaker baffle
Apply over Sound Deadening Deadening for best results
Supplied as single panel (37cm x 25cm)

Absorber 15:
15 mm thick
Self adhesive
Prevents trim rattle
Diffuse unwanted noise
Supplied as single panel (37cm x 25cm)


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