Car Sound Deadening Dulux Pack For Small Van And Cars

Car Sound Deadening Dulux Pack For Small Van And Cars

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Car Sound Deadening Dulux Pack For Small Van And Cars

Most popular cars and small vans can be improved dramatically with the application of sound deadening and insulation. Daily driver or vintage classic vehicle, we can upgrade your car in a few simple steps.

This deluxe Sound Deadening pack contains enough sound deadening and insulation to treat the crucial floor and boot areas of the average sized hatchback/saloon car (or small van).

The Sound Deadening 2mm sound deadening mat is applied first to the metalwork of the floor, boot and doors. This is a simple peel & stick application. The average sized car will take approximately one Bulk 40 sheet (3.75sq.m) pack of sound deadening for these areas.

To complete the installation add a secondary layer of the supplied Sound Deadening Isolator to the floor. This dense closed cell foam layer will work in harmony with the Sound Deadening sound deadening layer to improve sound proofing even further and insulate the vehicle.

The final car will be quieter with improved ride quality and the interior comfort will have been upgraded significantly.

All of the products are easy to apply, self adhesive and can be cut or shaped with a sharp knife. The products are designed specifically for automotive use and therefore are fire retardant to FMVSS302 and will not absorb moisture or mould.

Kit Includes:
1 x Sound Deadening 2mm Bulk Pack (3.75sq.m)
6 x Sound Deadening Isolator 10mm Sheets (3.5sq.m)

Sound Deadening Sound Deadening Spec
Self adhesive 2mm butyl based visco elastic polymer active layer
Aluminium constraining layer for maximum noise reduction improves performance
Highly efficient vibration damper
Soft and easy to use
No nasty smell
Military grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
Non flammable 
Professional butyl based construction
Unbeatable cost to performance ratio
2mm Thickness
Mastic High Adhesive
0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel
Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
Sheet size 375 x 250 mm, 14.76 x 9.84inches
Weight 3kg/sq.m (12kg/pack)
Sound Deadening Isolator Spec
10mm thickness
Efficient Thermal Insulation
Absorbs airborne noise
Seals Panels
Prevents Condensation 
Water resistant
Fire/Heat Resistant
Includes Strong Self-Adhesive layer
For Floor, Doors, Roof, Bonnet, Firewall, Bulkhead, Boot
Apply over Sound Deadening Deadening for best results
Thickness: 10mm
Sheet Size: 980mm x 600mm
Each Sheet Coverage: 0.59 sq.m (6.35 sq.ft)


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